Moralo Eval | [8], After the rebels managed to destroy the last remaining interdictor cruiser, Kallus smirked and told Pryce that she had "made a mess of Thrawn's fleet." Whenever rebellion rears its head, then, the Imperial Security Bureau is there to correct it. More often than not, he is able to recognize rebel traps and set his own, which nearly succeed in capturing the Lothal rebels. After contacting Hera he was picked up by the Ghost. [30], Wolffe's intelligence proved to be accurate and the probe droid managed to locate Kanan and his rebel cell, who were perennial foes of Kallus. He worked to suppress dissent on numerous worlds, fighting against the insurgency of Saw Gerrera on Onderon, participating in the genocide on Lasan, and leading the hunt for the rebels of the Ghost on Lothal. As they did, Kallus was able to capture Ezra Bridger, a new member of the Ghost crew who had boarded to warn the rebels that the Lawbringer had arrived. Born Undercover as an imperial cadet, Ezra Bridger broke into his office and stole an imperial decoder Kanan and Hera needed for one of their missions while his ally Zare Leonis distracted Kallus. Kallus also reminded the two that he had befriended Zeb on Bahryn and helped Sabine to escape. Jabba the Hutt | Unknowingly to Pryce Kallus had informed the rebels of the cadets himself When Kallus didn't find anything Pryce ordered the instructor of the academy to perform a new maneuver in space. Kallus then closed the blast door after the three left and hid himself until the alarm was off. Tiber Saxon Bridger was the one who infiltrated the Academy, posing as a cadet named Dev Morgan. Physical description Kallus led his stormtroopers to the lower hangar, where he found that Bridger had already met back up with the rebels. While Ezra initially declined this as he din't fully trust him the AP-5 that had come with him convinced him to help Kallus. IG-88 | Kallus was escorted by several stormtroopers to deter any rebel attack. [23], Having escaped from the scene of the attack, the rebels hid at the childhood home of Ezra Bridger, where they found Tseebo hiding; Tseebo had been a friend of Bridger's parents before they disappeared several years earlier. Kallus' men blew a hole in the hijacked ITT and attempted to board, while Kallus' ITT continued firing. Under Kallus' orders, Imperial cadets were used to question residents about illegal activities in their neighbourhoods, apprehend criminals, detain the children of fugitives, and to lead stormtroopers on law enforcement raids. After assembling his unit, Kallus waited behind a locked door, prepared to ambush the rebels. In order to draw the rebels out, Vader ordered Kallus to destroy Tarkintown, a refugee settlement that the rebels provided assistance to the past. Captain Canady | Mass Kallus then ordered the destruction of the clones to show them how "obsolete" they had become. Crimes Trayvis sent out a message via a hacked HoloNet News transmission where he said he would meet the rebels in the Lothal City Capitol Building on Lothal. Vedain | The Fifth Brother | Zeb invited Kallus to come along claiming he would be treated fairly. DJ | When the bonzami attacked them again, they managed to escape the underground cavern to the surface following a struggle. The two enemies were forced to cooperate to avoid freezing to death and being killed by the bonzami, ferocious predators that inhabited the moon. [48] Despite being a hardened soldier who rarely showed any weakness, he revealed a more vulnerable side when he was forced to cooperate with Zeb to survive; revealing his tough persona to be little more than a mask to hide how sad, confused, and lost he felt at heart, haunted by his past. Between 44–35 BBY,[2] Coruscant[3] It was enough to make him question his beliefs about the Empire and the rebellion, and he covertly became a rebel spy under the codename of Fulcrum, thanks to Zeb. When one of the droids didn't report back in time he suspected that it had found the rebel base and ordered to wait a circle before searching for him and informed the rebels of the droid. [27], The rebels were able to escape from being cornered and made their way into the sewers beneath the Senate Building, and Kallus and his troopers pursued them. Enslaving aliens.Hunting Jedi. During the meeting, Tarkin reprimanded Kallus for allowing the rebels to attack Imperial personnel, destroy Imperial property, and disrupt the Empire's trade. This gave the rebels a chance to escape, leaving Kallus behind to watch the Ghost fly away.[16]. Razoo Qin-Fee | Kallus listened to Ezra's broadcast and expressed concern at Tarkin's orders to destroy the communications tower. Hutt Clan | However, the Grand Admiral responded that he was only interested in yielding results for his Emperor. There, they were attacked by Rukh and several Death troopers. The Ghost, in turn, destroyed Kallus' ITT. Kallus then prepared to kill Ezra, as he aimed his blaster towards the boy. [12], After tricking Lyste into tailing Pryce, Kallus obtained an Imperial uniform for Ezra. As Kallus asked him why he was in such a good mood despite the failure of his program, Thrawn explained that now knew that the rebels had their base in one of the systems he had sent the droids to narrowing down the possible sytems for the rebel base from thousands to 94. That, and combined with the title of "Agent", is a sign that if you mess with this guy, you mess with the State Sec . [15], Kallus helping Sabine and the defecting cadets to escape, Following his encounter with Zeb, Kallus's doubts began to grow. Kallus then dispersed some stormtroopers, whom he joined on the battlefield. When Tua tried to explain that she had no experience with such brutal measures, Vader informed her that she would have to explain that to Tarkin himself at he had called for her to come to him to explain herself and left the room. Working with Ezra and Ryder, Kallus helped to issue a faux Protocol 13 to recall the entire Imperial garrison on Lothal to the Dome. Rex then jumped onto the main cannon and openly challenged the walker's crew, deriding them as cowards. Barada | After saving one another, the two adversaries opened up to one another and formed an unlikely bond. Stormtroopers | The rebels later retaliated with a prototype Bladewing starfighter which broke the blockade and allowed their supplies to make it onto the surface. After being captured, Ezra was brought to a prison cell, on board the Star Destroyer. Leonis reminded behind, however, as he had unfinished business at the Academy; he pretended to try to stop the rebels from escaping so as to avoid suspicion. The rebels managed to thwart the machines, however, by using the T-7 Disruptors they previously stole. Darth Plagueis | Although the Empire was holding Wookiee prisoners, the rebels were fed false information as to their location, and the Ghost docked with a Gozanti-class cruiser that the rebels believed held the slaves. Thinking the clone suicidal, Kallus ordered his gunners to "finish him." Leaders: This time both Kallus and Konstantine expressed skepticism of this being anything of note, but the Fifth Brother disagreed and investigated the situation personally. Ruthless and cunning, Imperial Security Bureau agent Alensandr Kallus will stop at nothing to suppress dissent and bring order to the galaxy. Whenever rebellion rears its head, then, the Imperial Security Bureau is there to correct it. Feared both within and without the Imperial ranks, the Imperial Security Bureau scours the galaxy for any disloyal to the Empire. The remaining defectors were then brought in a cell by Kallus and Pryce where Pryce managed to identify one of the cadets as Sabine Wren and ordered Kallus to take the other two to the cell while she interrogated her. Fulcrum's warning alerted Kallus' rebel friend Zeb, who realized that the "stray" protocol droid he found was an infiltrator droid. [45], Kallus was trained in both riot control and heavy combat, and he wore an ISB helmet designed for such situations. In order to buy some time for the crews' pilot Hera Syndulla to arrive, Kanan took out his lightsaber, revealing himself to the Empire. However, Thrawn deduced that Kallus was the real Fulcrum after learning that Kallus had withheld information about the identity of the rebel operative Ezra Bridger. Later when Pryce and he discovered a distress call from the planet Agamar he tried to convince her that it was nothing altough Pryce still ordered some troops to investigate. Under Tua's direction the Imperial planetary authorities had increased security and imposed a planetary curfew. Alas, no. Officers: Death Troopers | Salacious B. Crumb | Before the rebels could leave, however, Kallus and additional Imperial forces arrived, firing on the Ghost and forcing it to flee while the rest of the rebels remained in the mine. Colonel Kaplan | [2] After Darth Sidious, publicly known as Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, declared himself Emperor and transformed the Republic into the Galactic Empire, Kallus attended the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant, the main campus of the new regime's military training program. Enraged, Pryce ordered two stormtroopers to throw him out of the ship through an airlock. Tarkin then ordered Agent Kallus to dispatch probe droids throughout Lothal to locate the rebels. Using the ship Glimmer of Hope, he and Dee-Four rescued Coleema and Roro from the planet. [8], After joining the Rebel Alliance, Kallus grew a beard. Kallus identified Jarrus and Bridger, calling the latter "Jabba"[27] as a nod to their first encounter,[19] and encountered Syndulla for the first time. The armor was quite durable, being able to sustain a ricochet shot from an E-11 blaster rifle. After the rebels had departed, Kallus was picked up by a passing independent trader, as the Empire had exhausted its allocated time and resources for finding him. During the fall of Lasan, Kallus bested a Lasat guardsman, who gave Kallus a bo-rifle as an acknowledgement of his defeat. With the zylinder, Kallus freed Ezra from his cell and asked him where the rebel base was located so that he could erase the planet from Thrawn's data. The rebels had to retreat and lost several ships in the process altough Kallus correctly predicted that they would return. The rebels then traveled in two patrol transports to the Dome. However Kanan was able to locate a AT-AT with the force and Ezra then quickly destroyed with a shot to the neck. The Inquisitor and his fighters pursued the rebels off of Lothal,[23] but was ultimately unsuccessful in stopping them or capturing Tseebo. [47] Even so, he had passed up several offers at promotion in order to remain on the front lines with the Imperial Security Bureau. Ezra and Kanan credited Kallus with helping them escape the factory. The stormtrooper, who had also fallen over, clung to the railing as well and asked if Jarrus was the first Jedi that Kallus had ever seen. Trayvis organised a meeting with the rebels through a hacked Holo-Net transmission in the old senate building on Lothal while Kallus pretended to attempt the capture of him. Deprived of his bo-rifle, Kallus appeared to be at Swain's mercy. Kallus eventually awakened, only to watch the Ghost fly off, yet again. Kallus also manipulated Lieutenant Lyste's trust to trick him into spying on Govenor Pryce and frame him as Fulcrum. [9], Later, Thrawn questioned Kallus about his encounter with the rebels. To distract Thrawn, Kallus then reprogrammed the Grand Admiral's DT-series sentry droids to attack Thrawn, thus implicating Lyste. Kallus then returned to the Imperial headquarters on Lothal while his former friend was being brought to jail. [1] Later, his rank insignia changed, consisting of five tiles, three blue, and two yellow. [41], Kallus and Lieutenant Lyste in Thrawn's office, Following his encounter with Sabine at the Skystrike Academy, Kallus learned that the Empire was developing a new weapon at the Imperial Armory Complex, he then contacted the Phoenix Squadron, who were planning to attack the factory. By the end of their duel, in which Kallus taunted Orrelios about the fall of Lasan, Orrelios was nearly beaten. Height When Kallus noticed that Thrawn was in good spirits despite the setback, the Grand Admiral replied that he had narrowed down his search from thousands of systems to the 94 systems to which he had sent infiltrator droids. Thrawnn realised the new set of intruders and ordered Pryce and Yularen to stop them. Beilert Valance | Defeated, Jovan asked Kallus to let him go for old time's sake, but the agent refused to let his personal feelings override his loyalty to the Empire. The Second Sister | Jovan was apprehended by Kallus on Lothal. Kallus tried to warn the rebels by sending an transmission from Ezra's old home but due to his signal being jammed he wasn't able to send the whole message. Kallus fue presentado por primera vez en la Feria del Juguete de Nueva York en febrero del 2014, en la presentación de la próxima línea de juguetes de Star Wars Rebels. InterGalactic Banking Clan | [28], Initially known simply by his surname, Kallus' first name of Alexsandr was revealed by Star Wars Rebels creator Dave Filoni in a podcast interview with the Star Wars fansite The Wookiee Gunner in July 2017. [13], Kallus, a skilled fighter, did not command soldiers from afar, but rather fought alongside them on the front lines, including against the crew of the Ghost. GenocideAbuse of power Hondo Ohnaka | [29], The following day, Agent Kallus drove Minister Tua in a landspeeder to a disembarkation station where an Imperial shuttle was waiting to take her to Grand Moff Tarkin. Kallus and his rebel allies made their way to the hangar where Rex and Kanan were waiting with a stolen imperial shuttle, disguised as stormtroopers. During the meeting, Kallus learned about Thrawn's investigation into Fulcrum and how he was close to discovering the Phoenix Squadron's base on the planet Atollon. Despite his somewhat uncaring and treacherous demeanor towards the Stormtroopers under his command, he was visibly shocked by the sudden and brutal execution of Cumberlayne Aresko and Myles Grint at the command of Wilhuff Tarkin. His Imperial code name was ISB-021, a low number indicating his high rank. Star Wars: Legion / Star Wars: Legion - Agent Kallus - ENG. After the Spectres escaped, Kallus contacted Admiral Konstantine for information on the position of the rebel fleet. Light Brown,[5] later blond[6] Director Krennic | [6] In the interview, Filoni explained that villains often do not have a first name because people do not get very personal with them, but as Kallus' character became a better person, a first name made him a more complete individual. Fantasy Flight Games is adding two more commanders to Star Wars: Legion. When Ezra, Kanan and Hera Syndulla entered the building and warned Trayvis about the supposed danger of his situation Kallus, Tua and their forces quickly attacked and surrounded them. Skin color Wipe out every Jedi Knight and serve the Galactic Empire (formerly).Help the Rebellion fight against the Empire. Separatist Council: Nute Gunray | Kallus hated disorder and rebellious activity, and made it his life's work to ensure stability within the Empire. [43], Kallus fought alongside Ezra and his former rebel foes during the Liberation of Lothal. As the shot had told him the approximate position of the walker, Kallus ordered the remaining AT-AT's to attack and they chased the walker out of the sandstorm. The agent and his former protégée briefly exchanged blows, until Kallus was, once again, pinned to the ground, seemingly defenseless. Kallus took a shuttle and found Solo during one of his smuggling operations. Years after the destruction of Lasan, Kallus found himself on the planet Lothal, following a series of rebel assaults. As "Star Wars" devotees scour the trailers for "Rogue One" searching for connections to the rest of the saga, some thought they may have found one in the Rebel leader who rattles of Jyn Erso's list of crimes.

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