However, it would have been very hard to mount the camera equipment to it. Welcome home my friend! I watched it and loved it. I have missed you brother, and glad to hear things are starting to stabilize and come around physically after the big valve job. During the fateful second lap, untold tragedy struck. Too bad…the still image in the video window looks tantalizing. Despite ND’s loss last week, some of the TV pundits are predicting ND to beat Michigan, and to wind up in a bowl game. It ran along Seaside and Shoreline, the few times I was in LB at the same general time. Unless they open things up more in the second half, they’re toast. Oh, and when everyone starts getting Mark Richt’s resume in your inboxes, just delete it. Many tipped Wolfgang von Trips as a serious title contender in 1961 armed with the all-new rear-mid engined 1.5-litre ‘shark nose’ Ferrari 156 and the ‘horse behind the cart’ for the first time. (If I had a decent map of Paris, I might try figuring out the ‘course layout’.). PS – Hey I thought Kolb looked pretty when they played the Bolts in the preseason. this post of yours is, simply, very, very exciting reading. If I had to guess a french driver back then to do that though, it would be Rene Arnoux well before Prost. Ferrarihad reacted to the reduction in engine capacity for the 1961 season better than anyone. Alonso blistering to start, but now overtaken by Vettel. Great work. sports writing should be about the sporting event, about the competition, the almost, the win, the player(s), the loss, the death. This will embarrass YoungDiegoToBe to no end growing up. ), they’d be up by 3. OK, here’s a youtube link to the “making-of” video w/Lelouch explaining the feat, and walking us around the Merc 6.9 camera car. The warm weather looks to hold for the race, which should make for fast laps and increased tire wear, and that has been a pronounced variable this year with the new Pirelli tires. some great rallys. The Merc 6.9, however, had a very elaborate active pneumatic air suspension that made it spectacularly smooth and stable. @bmaz: Yeah, that was one hell of a wallop he laid on rapist Rothlisberger. Wolfgang Alexander Albert Eduard Maximilian Reichsgraf Berghe von Trips, also known simply as Wolfgang Graf Berghe von Trips and nicknamed 'Taffy' by friends and fellow racers, was a German racing driver. Another loss today and I’m not sure they can snap out of their slump in time…, Great post bmaz. how wonderful to find a sports writer who focuses on the contest and not on the contract, the agent, the owner, the manager. With his win last time out at Spa, it is nigh impossible that anyone will overtake Vettel for the Driver’s Crown, and completely impossible to keep Red Bull from repeating its Constructor’s title. The next round was at Monza, which returned to a road and oval combination format on 10 September 1961 with four drivers were mathematically in with a shout for the title, but the real fight was between Ferrari teammates Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips. Dicing with Jim Clark’s Lotus, the two cars touched under braking and his red Ferrari somersaulted into the crowd. held their gabfest on Mt. Don’t know if you read the bios, but here is the first paragraph from Bernard’s: He was an adventurer from his young days, fighting as a volunteer in WW2 when he was only seventeen, traveling to Cameroon and then to California in 1948 where destiny caught up with him: his first job was working together with Phil Hill selling foreign sports cars in Hollywood, and he married a California girl named Joan. Yeah, right. From F1 Fanatic: Hill had won at Monza 12 months earlier, while von Trips suffered crashes in two previous visits to the circuit. The next round was at Monza, which returned to a road and oval combination format on 10 September 1961 with four drivers were mathematically in with a shout for the title, but the real fight was between Ferrari teammates Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips. Video: Kenny Acheson crashes Mercedes in Mexico. In his book, Daley recounts a conversation with the German driver Wolfgang von Trips the night before the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in 1961. And, still, no love lost between those two. and Tony Romo singlehandedly snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. So, I’m of the opinion that we’re looking at the handiwork of the 19-year old Prost, showing the skills of a Formula 3 champion, which he already was, and the signs of the greatness yet to come in F1. Say, this game reminds one of a few years ago when the unvictorious and untied Wolvereenies took on the unvictorious and untied Fighting Irish. Jul 1, 2017 - Explore Kev G's board "Wolfgang von Trips" on Pinterest. Wow. Call it the Immaculate Bounce? Those Notre Dame Lucky Charms uniforms are not magically delicious. There is a “D” in Notre Dame, but not in Michigan. The race was won by von Trips's American teammate Phil Hill, who – since von Trips was … Collectively, the Cahiers have been covering F1 and top flite motor racing for going on 60 years, and continue to this very day. Cause, quoth the Raven, Terrell Suggs is BAD! The championship protagonists were two decidedly different characters. Von Trips qualified on pole position in front of the adoring Tifosi, but he and Jim Clark collided on the run down to the Parabolica. Here is an awesome clip for any not familiar with the classic movie. Well, in the immortal words of the Allman Brothers, that was then and this is now. As a side note, there are significant parallels between the glory and tragedy of Phil Hill’s 1961 Championship with the other American F1 Championship season, 1978 with Mario Andretti. The contact fired the Ferrari left towards the crowd. His affliction was halted by the outbreak of the Second World War, but once the conflict was over, von Trips returned armed with a driving license, plenty of land and the family motorcycle. Randiego is gonna get some of those low-ride-duh wheels that keep spinning even while stopped at a traffic light. An excellent race but for Luigi shunting the mid pack at the start. Salutations!! Von Trips was thrown from his car and killed, 11 spectators died at the scene, and four others succumbed to their injuries over the following days. Heading into what would be the penultimate round, Wolfgang von Trips had amassed 33 points to the 29 of team mate Phil Hill. 2011 is the fiftieth anniversary of his championship season. Monza is a course of skill and speed, it should be a great race. The Ray Lewis stuff just makes y’all look desperate. Following cars braked hard and ducked around the wrecked Ferrari. Dialogue is entirely in French, so I’m helpless to translate, but maybe there’s a subtitled version out there…? No excuse, he choked. His two-wheeled thrills tempted Wolfgang to pursue something even more exciting and without any prior experience, von Trips went car racing in a Volkswagen Beetle. 1959 proved a quiet year for von Trips, but 1960 saw the nobleman compete in his first full season in Formula 1, which although it did not deliver a rostrum for Wolfgang, his results through the year proved far more consistent with five points-paying finishes delivering ten points over the ten rounds to see Taffy to seventh in the ’60 championship. Von Trips thrived on the opportunity, but progress was be put on hold by another calamity. I agree that the lower camera mount gives the impression of greater speed…but, but, but when I ‘borg’ into that clip, then like phred it tightens me just to watch it – it just feels legit to me, and ianaracecardriver. It wasn’t Hamilton on the podium at Spa. The car gouged into the crowd before flipping back onto its wheels on the track. His run was paused by a retirement at Reims but it very much be resumed at the British Grand Prix. Your post is a festival of stuff I haven’t seen before but will certainly tie up my morning, and happily so. The director kept a map in his lap with the route marked, and had the power to call-off the run if he saw too much congestion in an intersection, for instance. Wolfgang Alexander Albert Eduard Maximilian Reichsgraf Berghe von Trips (Cologne, Njemačka, 4. svibnja 1928. And there has to be a new term to describe Denard’s touchdown. Glory for all the top teams and of course it was great to see the old meister really on form, including getting right to the edge. Fangio’s move proved the right call as it transpired that the top four positions were filled by Maserati’s 250Fs, headed by the great home hero. On defense, they have Mr Bob Sanders playing safety (please please please let him play a whole season), a veteran LB Takeo Spikes to go with pro-bowler OLB Sean Phillips, and the #1 pick, DE Corey Liuget from Illinois. Notre Dame jumped out to a 14-0 start against Michigan. In Friday’s Practice, the Red Bulls, Ferraris and McLarens were all fast under hot conditions. What else to call it? See here for some simply superb [Cahier Archive] photos from the 1961 season. He probably wouldn’t take that from anyone else in the World. Talk about lucky bounces! @bmaz: He was, like my father, a bit of a roue, a high liver, a womanizer but a delight. Bmaz, thanks for the F1 postings. The story I heard was that the french authorities were so outraged at the film that they jailed the director the first night it was shown. John’s is a wonderful race by race trip, as related by Phil, through the 1961 season. @radiofreewill: Monza is, after all, the home of the Scuderia Ferrari. The Chargers will have that amazing offense again this year, without Mr Sproles. Mr EW noted: Denard’s 3 INT to ND, plus 4 TD receptions–those are Favre numbers. Now we have to see how anti-Cheatin’ Bill does tonite. @randiego: A call followed soon enquiring as to the availability of the young count’s driving services…. Just cos he comes from where I now live doesn’t mean I’m biassed! The Michigan fans were so stunned that they stayed around after the game, and the Michigan band came out on the field to do the half-time show all over again. června 2004 je oficiálně hlavním městem provincie Monza e Brianza, prakticky jím je až od komunálních voleb v roce 2009.Město je známé předevÅ¡ím díky automobilovému okruhu Great work and, independently, John is one heck of a nice man and a star or his own right. What a lucky guy you are. I had a chance to chat up Mr. Peterson briefly at the 1978 Long Beach Grand Prix; he was an immensely personable and jovial character, especially compared to the often stoic Swedes lately found in F1. - Monza, Italija, 10. rujna 1961.) Oblong ball report: Just look what happens when you put the women in charge. Von Trips won the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort, becoming the first German to win a grande epreuoe since 1939, and later won the British Grand Prix after a brilliant performance on the sodden Aintree track. 5 years ago | 45 views. They were smacking Philip Rivers around all game. Von Trips and 10 spectators lost their lives immediately and another five died later in hospital. Read the rest of Brad’s article to also get a fuller flavor of the actual locale, separate from the track itself. Spectacularly good pieces, both by very good friends of Phil’s, R & T writer and photographer extraordinaire John Lamm and the other by Sam Posey. I agree the odds are on Vettel but the opening wings and the KERS really do add unpredictability. “and the Steelers have now matched turnovers with points”. Clark lay fourth with Jack Brabham, von Trips and Baghetti behind him. /s. This is probably Sebastian Vettel’s race to lose in the Red Bull, and I would look to him for the win. And thus, effectively, ended the 1961 Championship season (remember Ferrari did not, under the circumstances, even compete in the final race at Watkins Glen). When Hawthorn and Hamilton became available, due to their Lotus-Climax breaking its gearbox as it entered the Monza Park, Ferrari was quick to gather them both into his team. Grand post bmaz. Okay, I’m off to pick up parts for the hippie van before my game comes on. which means, of course, it is very fine sports writing. I am sure that, when he passed me earlier, he had decided his was the faster car and I would be left behind.”. Here is the current configuration, it has not been altered very much at all. Jenson really is the thiking man’s driver, keeping back in case Lewis and Scgumi had a crah-fest, then just popping through, calm as you like. Yowza. Sounds like Romo is in good shape for the season. The final race classification had American Dan Gurney second in a Porsche, followed by Bruce Mclaren and Jackie Lewis, both in Cooper-Climaxes. I got a knot in my stomach just watching that. All without their kicker, who got hurt on the opening play of the game. His son made his first laps there. I am thinking of starting a fund to get the Randiegos a nice set of fuzzy dice!

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