All about the band Cara, tourdates, CDs, news and info. Sanremo 2014, omaggio a Lucio Dalla e Freak Antoni dall'Ariston. [12] This part has remained in its original pitch, though in his various revisions Handel transposed the music of other leading roles to different voice types. The libretto was prepared by Giacomo Rossi from a scenario provided by Aaron Hill, and the work was first performed at the Queen's Theatre in London's Haymarket on 24 February 1711. After this work's triumphant premiere at the Teatro San Giovanni Grisostomo in Venice, on 26 December 1709, Handel became, says biographer P. H. Lang, "world famous and the idol of a spoiled and knowledgeable audience". Eustazio surmises that the king fears defeat; this seems to be confirmed when Argante, after a grandiose entrance, requests a three-day truce to which Goffredo graciously assents. Lang believes that in spite of the borrowings, and the hasty manner in which the work was put together, Rinaldo is one of Handel's great operas. Ricky Portera: chitarra-cori. E' uscito il 26 aprile "Lucio!! Il film brilla grazie alle canzoni degli anni ’80, fra cui la n°1 nella hit parade “Flashdance – What a Feeling” cantata da Irene Cara e “Maniac” cantata da Michael Sembello. Anitta & Pabllo Vittar. Giaches de Wert (1535–1596) Cara la vita mia Primo libro di madrigali a cinque voci, Venezia 1558. Suddenly Goffredo and Eustazio arrive, but as they touch the garden with their wands it disappears, leaving them all on an empty plain with the city of Jerusalem visible in the distance. After Goffredo leaves, Argante ponders his love for Armida, the Queen of Damascus who is also a powerful sorceress, and considers the help her powers might bring him. Gramophone's reviewer called this issue "a treat for Handel lovers – a rare recording of one of the composer's richest operas, with a strong and starry cast". The oldest complete score, dating from about 1716, is an error-strewn manuscript that may be a copy from one or more of the performing scores from that period. Price also points to the likely influences on the structure of Rinaldo from two British semi-operas—George Granville's The British Enchanters, and Purcell's King Arthur. In June 1989 it was staged at La Fenice in Venice, under John Fisher, again with Marilyn Horne. SYLVIE VARTAN. Ron, un disco in onore di Lucio Dalla: "Cantare le sue canzoni, ogni volta è un'emozione nuova" Basta iniziare ad ascoltare l'album, Lucio II, con la prima canzone Cara cantata da Ron e … Act 2 starts in E minor and ends in G. The final act begins and ends in B minor. [17] As his subject Hill chose Gerusalemme liberata, an epic of the First Crusade by the 16th-century Italian poet Torquato Tasso; the opera was called Rinaldo, after its main protagonist. Oltre ad essere cantante è anche attore. Category People & Blogs; Movie Moana (2016) Song Tranquilla! Thus in this revival all the principal parts were sung in high voice ranges. Further complete manuscript copies were produced by Smith and others in 1725–28 (the "Malmesbury" score), 1740 ("Lennard") and 1745 ("Granville"). Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from CaraTaranta. A short "Italian Dialogue" he had written in honour of Queen Anne's birthday was well received when performed at St James's Palace on 6 February 1711. “Lucio”, il nuovo album di Ron che omaggia Lucio Dalla Il disco contiene “Almeno pensami”.Guarda il video! It was also used by the copyist John Christopher Smith to produce two performing scores for the 1720s Hamburg performances. Goffredo becomes a tenor, Armida a contralto, the Herald and the Magician become basses. In the years following the premiere, he made numerous amendments to the score. Ron, nome d’arte di Rosalino Cellamare, è nato a Dorno il 13 agosto 1953. Ecco il video dell'esibizione. [27] Notwithstanding this enthusiasm, the financial strains of such a grand production led to legal actions against Hill from unpaid craftsmen. Bravi! Its premiere at the Queen's Theatre on 24 February 1711, possibly under Handel's direction, was a triumphant success. [11], This sudden recognition led to eager competition for Handel's services. Rosalino Cellamare: chitarra-voce. [42] The new century saw a number of performances across Europe, including an appearance at the Göttingen International Handel Festival in 2004, with Nicholas McGegan conducting Concerto Köln. In questa pagina a lei dedicata tratterò solamente le canzoni cantate in italiano salvo qualche piccolissima eccezione. He obtained introductions to leading musicians, among them Arcangelo Corelli, Alessandro and Domenico Scarlatti, and Agostino Steffani,[7] and met numerous singers and performers. The former Royal Academy of Music Principal, Curtis Price, writes that the popularity of these pieces was the result of a deliberate strategy aimed at the suppression of English opera. However, fragments of the music from these works have been identified in later operas. [23][35] The first American performance was a concert version at Carnegie Hall on 27 March 1972, given by the Handel Society of New York, with Stephen Simon conducting and Beverly Wolff as Rinaldo. [12] Among those most keen to employ him was Prince Georg Ludwig, the Elector of Hanover and future King George I of Great Britain. The opera reached Australia in 1999, at the Sydney Opera House under Patrick Summers,[41] and was performed there again in July–August 2005 under Trevor Pinnock, with Michael Chance as Rinaldo. Prosegue all’insegna del successo l’omaggio di Ron all’amico di sempre Lucio Dalla, partito a giugno, ‘Lucio!! They were remembered and written down by William Babell, and published later as separate pieces. Armida, accepting her defeat, breaks the wand which is the source of her evil power and together with Argante embraces Christianity. [47] According to Dean and Knapp, no Italian opera heard in London to that point had been supported by such "majestic" orchestral forces. Changes in taste and style combined, as Grout concludes, to "thrust [the operas] into ill-deserved oblivion",[3] as a result of which Rinaldo was not staged anywhere for two hundred years.[23]. The Crusader army under Goffredo is laying siege to Jerusalem, where the Saracen king Argante is confined with his troops. The manuscript bears numerous notes and corrections in Handel's hand, and was possibly the basis for the substantial revisions which he effected in 1731. Ron (and Lucio’s friends) tra grandi classici, ricordi da condividere ed emozioni ricercate che non sempre arrivano. Related hashtags #bassethoundadventures #bassethoundworld #bassethoundoftheday #bassetfauvedebretagne #basspro #bassplayerunited #basscover #bassists #bassmusic #bassethoundlove #bassgear #bassdrop #bassistsofinstagram #bassetsofinstagram #bassethoundmoments #bassheads #basslife #bassanodelgrappa #bassethoundpuppy … A mountainside, at the magician's cavern. He promises that as proof of his feelings he will defy Armida's wrath and secure Almirena's freedom. Rinaldo is regarded by critics as one of Handel's greatest operas. RON, CARRIERA E VITA PRIVATA - Nella rosa dei 22 Big in gara a Sanremo 2017 ci saranno volti giovani, come Elodie, Lodovica Comello e Michele Bravi e tanti veterani della musica italiana, tra i quali, ad esempio Ron.Il cantautore italiano, che mancava dal Festival di Sanremo dal 2014, tornerà per la settima volta sul palco del Teatro Ariston con il brano L’ottava meraviglia. Continuate a coltivare questa passione e il vostro cervello si manterrà più allenato e più giovane della media, senza contare che ridurrete anche il rischio di di contrarre l'Alzheimer! [28] Under Hill's successors the opera was played at the theatre in most seasons until 1716–17, by which time it had totalled 47 performances, far more than any other opera at the Queen's. "Characters go up and down on-stage escalators, and the set spins to show various areas of the lounge and terminal. [48] The harpsichord solos which decorate "Vo' far guerra" in act 2 were originally improvised on the keyboard by Handel during performances, and were extremely popular. The magician then gives them magic wands that transcend Armida's power, and they set off again. Nono album in studio di Lucio Dalla, fra i maggiori cantori di Bologna e fra i rappresentanti più esimi del cantautorato italiano, in patria e all’estero Quante sere che mi addormento Con il pensiero di ritornare da te Giorno dopo giorno mi sento così straniero In questo posto per me diverso. [25], The 19th-century music critic George Hogarth wrote of Rinaldo that "[t]he romantic interest of the subject, the charms of the music, and the splendour of the spectacle, made it an object of general attraction". Details of these changes are difficult to establish since the performing librettos and scores for these years no longer exist. [40] Another decade passed before the appearance of Christopher Hogwood's 1999 Decca recording, again based on the original score, with the countertenor David Daniels as Rinaldo, Cecilia Bartoli as Almirena and Catherine Bott in the small part of First Mermaid. Lucio Dalla: voce-tastiere-sax. Meanwhile, Rinaldo is brought before the triumphant Armida. Ecco alcuni dei pezzi più belli del cantante bolognese morto 4 anni fa a Montreux. Watch Queue Queue. [1] The opera's tercentenary in 2011 brought a modernized production at the Glyndebourne Festival. Nient’altro da aggiungere, solo da ascoltare. Stella di mare. From these acquaintances Handel learned the essential characteristics of Italian music, in particular (according to Dean and Knapp) "fluency in the treatment of Italian verse, accurate declamation and flexible harmonic rhythm in recitative, ... drawing the necessary distinction between vocal and instrumental material and, above all, the release of [his] wonderful melodic gift". [30] Addison may have been motivated by his own failure, a few years previously, to establish a school of English opera with Rosamund, on which he had collaborated with the composer Thomas Clayton. In 1993 David Kimbell, for the Hallische Händel-Ausgabe (HHA), produced a full score of the 1711 version, together with rejected draft material and the additional numbers introduced in revivals up to 1717. ... Cosa sarà, ad esempio, fu scritta da Dalla assieme al fido Ron e cantata assieme all’amico Francesco De Gregori. [13] By 1711, informed London audiences had become familiar with the nature of Italian opera through the numerous pastiches and adaptations that had been staged. [27] In November 1715 a version mainly in German was performed in Hamburg. Rinaldo mourns the loss of his loved one. Minor changes, transpositions, and alterations to recitative sections are not shown. In 1717 William Babell issued an arrangement for harpsichord of the overture and seven of the arias.